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About Us

Formerly known as Accelerated Learning System (ALS) with offices in major cities of Nigeria- Lagos and Abuja, Clarity Education emerged as the custodian of all ALS education and learning services post a major re-branding program.

Despite a fast growing number of travel abroad agents in Nigeria, we stand out as a provider of holistic services that covers Career Advisory, University Placement Abroad and Test Preparation (IELTS); catering to your needs concerning career and educational development.

We consistently achieve a high success rate through the efforts of our trained, highly knowledgeable and dedicated teams of managers and counsellors. We assist you with selecting a suitable institution and course either at Undergraduate Level (Foundation/A-Levels/BA/BSc) or Postgraduate Level (PGD/MSc/PhD) of study. We also review academic backgrounds, financial capacity and career goals connecting students to an extensive network of university partners across the world from United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand Ireland, Asia, Dubai, Canada, USA, Africa and Europe.

It is our belief that everyone can achieve their dreams and aspirations through honing their strength, natural abilities and invariably making the right decisions for their career and educational aspirations.

You can always connect with us either in our offices, via call, on all our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), or when we are in your community organising our annual International Education Fairs.


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